Hi peeps just to give you all an update on the shop and opening hours for next few months.

We have been pretty quiet for a while in the shop so I have sadly had to let Kev go and close two days a week to save costs and concentrate on online sales.

Hopefully this will change back to normal in the future but looking at the economy it may not be for a long time.

I seriously thought about closing the shop and going 100% online as it seems my costs are so high there is little profit involved,but I will carry on with this plan of reduced hours and see how we get supported etc.

Also going forward we will and have started to become stock more used vinyl as the costs of brand new vinyl has become ridiculous for a small shop like us to compete with amazon or other big chain shops.

We also will not be taking part in RSD unless things change radically for Longwell Records.

Its not all negative though as we still have some great records and we get in new collections on a regular basis so don't forget to come and visit us out in Keynsham and maybe even buy a tee shirt or tote bag to support our little olde record shop!

cheers Iain


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