Indiscreet  Sparks BRAND NEW SEALED VINYL sale item

Indiscreet Sparks BRAND NEW SEALED VINYL sale item

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180 Gram Vinyl. Indiscreet is the fifth album by Sparks. It was released in 1975 and later re-released with three bonus tracks. The album was produced by Tony Visconti. The final installment of Sparks' so-called 'British Trilogy', before they returned to the US is also in many ways the strangest and the strongest. It certainly contains all their hallmarks - mundane or lascivious lyrical content, a unique way with a rock arrangement, Russell Mael's trademark falsetto delivery - but the input of producer Tony Visconti has gone some way to making this a far more sonically interesting album. Jazz arrangements and flourishes show up in many of the songs, most explicitly in Without Using Hands and the singles Get in the Swing and Looks, Looks, Looks, while the charming Under The Table With Her shows great sophistication in its string quartet arrangement. The lyrical content is also among the band's strongest and most diverse - the very un-PC Happy Hunting Ground bemoans the fact that it's harder to get girls now that school days are long gone, Pineapple is nothing more than a close-harmony tribute to the titular fruit... you get the idea.