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Hello peeps hope you are all keeping warm in this cold snap!

Just a few things in regard to the shop and how we are going into the new year!

I am still debating whether or not to take part in this years Record Store Day !

The positives are we will get great promo for the shop and lots of interest but the negatives are the stock is expensive and not as good as previous years, although it is usually a great day in the shop.

Financially its not brilliant as you don't ever sell all the stock and the records are actually expensive for the shop to buy from the labels with NO returns.

Our hours remain the same Monday to Friday 11 AM to 3PM with Saturdays 10AM to 4 PM and very occasional SuNDAYS check our social pages for that.

If you a regular within the last year or so you will know we are about 90% Used vinyl and this suits the shop plus we are now stocking used CDs which have been selling quite well.

Anyways massive thank you for the support and keep vinyl digging!


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